The Castle at the Edge of the World

Ancient Revelations

Malvolio reveals under torture that he is a member of a secret order of wizards dedicated to, and in some cases descended from Thassilon. They have been searching for a weapon of ancient the ancient Azlantians. The Order traced some clues to the weapon’s location to here.

They dispatched his master Nunzio Menervini and his retinue to the castle of the red king to investigate. Nunzio was a master of magic and alchemy. He created the throne of stolen youth in order to gain the trust of the Red King and access to the catacombs below the castle in order to procure the rare minerals necessary to create the potions of youth. Of course, no such minerals were needed. The youth potions were created by distilling the vital essence of stolen children.

Once access to the catacombs was gained Nunzio began digging in earnest. He soon discovered that the castle was built upon Azlanti ruins. The real break though came when he broke through into the lab. Here he discovered the core, The portal, the engineer’s journal of Kho Quen and a number of tools. The order poured money and man hours into the discovery. They discovered that the core is but a part of a vast weapon called the Storm Walker.

It was to be a weapon in the war between the Azlantians and the Abeloths. The storm walker was a flying ship a mile long that would walk though the air on legs of lightning. It was going to be capable of destroying entire cities in a single day. The Azlantians constructed the storm walker in eight separate pieces in order to hide it from their Abeloth master’s When the walker was complete the project engineers would gather at the core and insert their medallions into the base of the core. Then all of the pieces would fly into the air, wherever they were in the world, and join together around the core, forming the completed storm walker.

The Storm walker never got to be used. Before the Azlantian rebels were ready to strike, the Abeloths called down the starstone killing millions and plunging the world into the Age of Darkness.

Nunzio knew that if the Order could claim the Storm Walker the rebirth of Thassilon was certain.
In his zeal he experimented with the core and unlocked many of it’s abilities. Including its ability to broadcast Thaumaturgical energy to remote locations through Ioun stones. He used his knew knowledge to create a portal to an Order Stronghold, and power spider constructs. He augmented the castles already impressive constructs. He learned to create the Stitchlings and set three blind witch’s to sewing them. Promising them he would use Thassilon Ioun magic to craft them new eyes. He set the stitchlings to work gathering raw materials for more stitchlings as well as mining in the catacombs searching for more Azlanti artifacts.

He used the castles constructs to build a smaller flying ship using Kho’s journal as a guide. They would power it with the core and travel the world seeking the medallions of the other Azlanti engineers. Once all are claimed, the Storm Walker could be assembled.

Then disaster struck. While experimenting with the core it destroyed Nunzio’s mind leaving him a mad imbecile. Malvolio did his best to hide the situation; seeking to claim the glory for himself, but he has made little progress.

He also reveals that his masters in the order have been alerted to the presence of the party in the castle, the death of the Red King, and all of the other recent events. Rather then risk losing the Core. They have dispatched an army to take the castle. They will arrive with in the week.

The party decides to hang on to Malvolio and Ludd in case they have additional information they need . They use the secret elevator in the Laboratory to take them back to the barracks to be guarded by the remaining Blue Manticores.

They take the rescued Children to Sarafina so she can look after them.


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