The Castle at the Edge of the World

Ancient Shores

The cast return to the lab to investigate the Core. Laeoden decides to place his hands upon the black stone alter. Static electricity begins to crackle in the air. The room grows cold enough they can see their breath. Soon blackness comes over Laeoden’s senses. Laeodens begins speaking in a voice that is not his own. In one language after another until finally he says “Do you understand these words?” in the common tongue. The party answers “Yes.” The voice speaking through Laeoden says that the link between the core and its controller was severed 5000 years, six months, seven days, fourteen hours, and twelve minutes ago. This unit will be linked." The voice speaking through Laeoden says “Transfer beginning. Do not break transfer. Breaking transfer is dangerous for linking unit. Transfer sync beggining. Transfer 12% complete. .” After a short time the voice says Transfer 34% complete."

Laeoden is totally unaware of his situation. He is seeing the workshop how it used to be in ancient times. He feels like he is looking out through some one else’s eyes. He soon realizes he is in the body of a woman. Her Name is Kho, and she is the Azlanti wizard in charge of the construction of the Core. She is proud, the Core is her best work. It is a nearly perfect source of electro-thaumaturgic energy. She is also worried. Soon there will be a terrible war.

Laeoden suddenly finds himself on the floor. His friends have pried him away from the alter concerned for his health. He is extremely disoriented and temporarly unable to speak to them in the common tounge. Aether realizes that he is speaking in Azlanti. Laeoden realizes what he is doing and switches to common. He explains to them what has been happening, and that he is fine.

He gets up and reestablishes contact with the alter. The voice says through him “Transfer sync reestablished. Continuing transfer. Transfer 40% complete.”

Laeoden once again finds himself in ancient times. Kho is talking to a handsome man. He caresses her arm and tells her not to worry. She is far to valuable to be fighting on the front lines. The weapons she will make will be far more valuable to the war effort. Suddenly the sky fades to dark, as if the sun has been eclipsed. Kho and the man hurry out doors to see what is going on. A vast shape blocks out the sun, A wall of darkness stretching to the clouds rushes toward them from the south. As it grows ever nearer; the sky grows blacker. In the distance Kho can see trees being tossed into the air and buildings being smashed flat at the edge of the cloud. Some where people are screaming. As the light of the sun fades, the roar of the rushing cloud blocks out all other sounds till Kho is forced to cover her ears. The shaking of the ground forces her prone. The workshop behind her begins to break apart as Kho crawls toward it. Heavy blocks of stone fall on her and nothing is left of her mind save fear and pain.

Once again Laeoden finds himself on the ground. The party has, once again, broken the transfer to check on him. Laeoden tells them what he has seen, and that he wishes to continue the transfer. This time they allow the transfer to go to 100%. Laeoden blinks, rubs his eyes, and takes several deep breaths. He has a pounding headache. His mind is a whirlwind of strange knowledge and ideas. Most of it dealing with ancient Azlanti magics of Aeromantic Infadibulum and electro-thaumaturgy. The rest is the memories of Kho’s long life.

He also feels compelled to seek out Kho’s amulet. He knows the amulet will free the core from the cleat that loocks it in place here in the lab. He finds that if he concentrates he can tell the direction and distance he is from the amulet. They begin the search.


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