The Castle at the Edge of the World

Further Complications

The party decides to head back to the lab to investigate the Azlanti obelisk known as the core. On the way Aether steps in a slick puddle. To her horror she discovers that it is blood seeping out from under a door. They ready themselves and swing wide the door prepared to face some foe, but find a body spralled on its back. The chest is tore open the heart has been removed.

On the floor of this storage room is an arcane pattern finger painted in blood. In the center is a large sigil. Aether determines that it is the glyph of Zura the demon prince of Vampires. The glyph seems to be part of a contact other plane spell.

Laeoden, who is outside the room due to it’s size, notices someone lurking in the shadows. The figure runs; they all give chase. As the part gain on their quarry, they realize it is a woman dressed in brown leather armor, a rapier at her hip, her head wrapped in a cloth. They chase her on to the roof of one of the castle’s many towers. She and Laeoden circle each other with rapiers dancing. Darian catches up and slashes at her with what would have been a devastating blow. She performs some kind of complicated maneuver, sliding under his swing and smashing up into his arms at the same time. Instead of hitting her the blow cuts Laeoden. During the maneuver her scarf is ton from her face. Their opponent is revealed to be none other then the Lady Nyrissa Thrune. She leaps from the fray to the edge of the tower, salutes with her rapier, and allows her self to fall off the edge backwards. The party reach the edge just in time to see lady Thrune float to a narrow balcony three stories below. She pauses to blow them a kiss, then enters the castle.

The party rush to find her but there is no sign of her below. Aether heals Laeoden’s wounds and they decide to continue with their original plan to investigate the Core more thuroghly.


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