The Castle at the Edge of the World

One for the Other

Laeoden and Darian are on their way back to the barracks when Laeoden feels a hand brush his neck, as something tries to cut the cord holding Kho’s amulet. Laeoden whirls around seeking the pick pocket. Using the ioun stone gained from the Stitchling Overseer he detects the invisible Lady Thrune. He lashes out with his rapier and misses. Thrune counter attacks wounding him badly. Darian joins the fray. Thorock and Aether hear the sounds of battle and rush to aid their friends. Spells flash from Thrune’s fingertips. Aether counters with her own. Swords dance, but the Lady Thurne is outnumbered and trapped. Knowing her defeat is imminent, she surrenders. They strip her of weapons and magic items. Laeoden and Darian take her back to the barracks as their prisoner.

They get back to the barracks to discover that Malvolio is gone. Malvolio convinced Quartermaster Benison that he knew where the king’s treasury was, and that he could lead them to it. Benision took Haulburk and Vanderhollen and headed out with Malvolio. He left a note for Darian explaining the entrance to the treasury was in the Throne room and that he had done the responsible thing by arming himself and two others to investigate.

Darian decides two take two of the six remaining Blue manticores with him to follow Malvolio. They are a pair of brothers Named Sven and Olaf Jergensen. They leave lady Thrune with Calvini and Idgen. Cortie and Albona are passed out drunk in their bunks. Darian and Laeoden arrive in the throne room to the sounds of the mechanical orchestra clanking out a formal waltz. Inside the throne room Glau, the dough faced servant of the red king, sits upon the throne of the Red king dressed in a red silk kimono. The dance floor is full of automotons whirling and twirling to the beat of the waltz. Someone has wired the corpses of the rest of the castle’s inhabitants to the automotons. The corpses bob and weave leaving grizzly trails of blood and viscera behind them.

Laeoden enters the room invisible using the ring he took from Lady Thrune. He convinces Glau that he is the spirit of the red kings ancestors. He tells Glau that he will make him great if he goes into the treasury. Glau, drunk on wine and stoned on Pesh agrees. He activates the secret door beneath the throne. Glau is scared to go down, but Laeoden promises he will protect him. Glau heads down the stairs leading to the treasury. He steps on an a shock trap. It triggers shocking him. He rolls down the stairs over a second shock trap. Laeoden and Darian take a look at the throne room. Darian determines that the desecration of the corpses is part of a ritual to create more powerful Zombies. He orders Sven to chop up the bodies. Darian, Olaf, and Laeoden head down into the room below the throne. Glau is nearly dead. His eyes have burst from repeated electrocution. The room is small, and square with a well in the center. Floating in the well are the bodies of the three AWOL Manticores. Malvolio is nowhere to be seen. There are four toggle levers on the wall. Laeoden convinces Glau that once he has achieved the Treasury he will be made whole again. They get him to the bank of levers and he works the sequence needed to progress. The well drains away quickly revealing a narrow set of stairs that spiral downward to a tunnel thirty feet below.

Olaf protests that he’s not really up to this kind of challange and Darian agrees to go get the rest of their companions. While Laeoden checks the spiral stairs for traps. After Darain leaves Laeoden convinces Glau to head down the spiral stair. He Triggers a trap that causes the well to quickly fill with water. It smashes him into the stone and drowns him in its powerful currents.

Laoeden resets the levers and uses the pattern Glau did to drain the water once again. Darian returns with Thorock and Aether.


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