The Castle at the Edge of the World

The Dance of Clock Work

The group is met at the Citadels parade grounds by the Red Kings Vizier. He formally welcomes Lady Thrune to the castle and instructs the rest of the guests where they will be staying. He also makes them aware that there will be a formal dress event to welcome Lady Thrune and the Red King will be making an appearance. He then pulls some levers at a console and serval of the castles servants appear. They are reminiscent of stick puppets. They’re upper halves resembles men and women made of wood They’re lower half is a simple wooden pole that glides through tracks set into the stone work of the castle. They’re dressed in servants clothes, but have a smooth surface where they’re face should be. When they move there are quite rattling and ratcheting sounds. Some of the servants begin collecting Lady Thrune’s luggage. One slides in front of the Mercenaries and the Group. The Vizier tells them that it will lead them to the barracks where they can rest and refresh them selves before the party.

The mechanical servant leads them through the Citadel. The first thing that strikes them is that there are very few living beings here. They pass tended fields and gardens but no human hands tend the crops. Instead the wooden servants harvest melons, apples, and green beans. Sinjin and Laeoden decide to test the servitors and damage a section of they’re track. A servant with a wheel barrow full of water melons runs into the damage, but then backs up and takes another track. They decide to appropriate the dropped melons for their own refreshment.

Their guide takes them past one of the castles marvels. A mechanical garden. There metal tree’s grow oilly golden fruits. Metal vines sprout metal roses. Even as they watch a tiny metal shoot opens revealing a brass leaf. A mechanical bee lands on a silver trumpet, which curls up around it.

The slate roofed barracks is ordered to a precision that no human hand could attempt. The bunks are squared to the wall and spaced with a precision that makes the long row seem like some kind of optical illusion. The sheets are folded with such care that they’re like gifts wrapped for a king. The Manticores move in and find the mattresses soft and feather stuffed. Soon an Automaton arrives with a a rack of fancy clothes to allow the elite of the Lady Thrune’s protective detail to dress for the party.


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