Animus of the Red King


The Animus of the Red King is a two inch tall coffin shaped box with hundreds of silver needles extending from the back. When an Ioun stone is placed in the box, and the box placed on a persons chest, the Animus of the Red King will activate. Needles will burrow into the skin and push tiny silver filaments through out the body.

If a DC 14 fortitude save is made the Animus of the Red King will bind to the user and remain attached to him for the rest of his life. If it fails the user takes 4d4 points of permanent constitution damage, and the Animus will retract it’s needles.

The Animus provides magical nourishment to the tissues and grants the wearer eternal life. Unfortunately the Animus does not grant eternal youth. The bearer of the Animus will age normally, but will not die, no matter how old and decrepit he gets. It is not clear if that was the intent of the Animus or if it was a failed attempt at magical immortality. The bearer of the Animus can be killed by normal means, but this is not a true death. Upon reaching zero hit points the Ioun stone inside the animus burns out and the bearer appears to be dead, but If a new Ioun stone is placed within the Animus the bearer will reanimate as if from a true resurrection.

Once attached the Animus of the Red King can not be removed without killing the individual. If ever the Ioun stone is removed from the box the person will fall down as if dead, but will reanimate once a new Ioun stone is put in the box.

If the Animus is placed on a person who has died the previous round the Animus will act like a breath of life spell and attach itself.

The Animus of the Red King acts like a belt of physical perfection providing a +2 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.


Animus of the Red King

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