Azlanti Bracer


Upon activation the bracer draws on the power of an Ioun stone to generate a sphere of force around the wearer. The sphere lasts for 10 rounds. At the end of this time the ioun stone has been drained of magic and crumbles to dust.

While the sphere is in effect the wearer is immune to all physical damage. All blows are simply deflected away. The barrier is permeable to magic, gas, fire, or liquids.

The sphere moves with the wearer of the bracer. if the ioun stone is taken from the socket the barrier disappears.


Created by Azlant magic before the fall of the star stone; this heavy brown leather bracer bracer is powered by the forgotten art of electro-thaumaturgy. When an Ioun stone is placed against a silver ring set into the wrist of this a crackling blue energy field is produced.

The shield makes the bearer of the bracer impervious to all physical damage for a short time. This drains the magic of the Ioun stone completely. It is possible that the bracer amplifies the magic of the stone in some as so called burnt out Ioun stones work fine for this purpose.

Once part of a set the other bracer was lost some time of the ancient past. Unfortunately strange magical auras only hint at the powers of a complete set Azlant bracers.

Azlanti Bracer

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