Azlanti Lightning Wand


Upon activation the wand draws on the power of an Ioun stone to generate a bolt of lightning five feet wide and 40 feet long

The wielder can choose how much energy to draw from the Ioun stone to power the blast of eldritch electrical energy. One Ioun stone may be used to produce four less powerful lightning bolts that do 3D6 points of damage, or one lightning bolt that does 8d6 points of damage. In either cast the creature under attach may make a DC 15 reflex save to take half damage.

If an Ioun stone is used to generate a 3d6 blast then it may not be used for an 8d6 blast. Only fresh stones work in that manner.


Created by Azlant magic before the fall of the star stone; this wand is powered by the forgotten art of electro-thaumaturgy. When an Ioun stone is placed against a silver ring set into the pommel of the wand it adheres there.

When the command word Koryente (Koh-ray-ent-hey) spoken with the wand pointing at an enemy a bolt of energy is hurled at the target. It is easy for the wielder to become drunk with his own power but be warned because the power of the wand is limited to the energy stored in rune stones. Stones that are drained turn to dust.

It is possible that the wand amplifies the magic of the Ioun stones used in some way, as so called burnt out Ioun stones work fine for this purpose.

Indeed it could be possible that these supposedly burnt out stones that have been found through out Galorian were created for the purpose of fueling Azlanti magic of this nature.

Azlanti Lightning Wand

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