Dragon Pistol of Algreron Plunkette


Pistol, quad barreled

Damage: 1d8
Critical Range: 20
Critical damage: X 4
Range: 20 feet
Misfire 1-2(10ft.)

This ornate four barrel pistol has a red ivory wood stock carved in the shape of a dragon. The breaches appear to be welded shut.

Double Double Barreled

The weapon can be fired so that the barrels discharge as two pairs or all at once. The gun is designed with a sigle point brace meant to be stuck in the top of a wall or a saddle reciever. If fired without being braced the gun is fired at a -4 for shooting two barrels and a -8 for firing all the barrels. Each shot is treated as a separate attack. If the gun is braced the penaly drops to -2 for firing two barrels -6 for firing four.

Flaming Burst

Ammo shot from the gun bursts into flame doing an additional 1d6 points of fire damage. If a critical is rolled that damage is increased to 4d10.

Give Them Hell

The Dragon Pistol regenerates ammo on its own and can not be reloaded. It regains ammo at the rate of one shot per round at the end of every round. This puts it’s rate of continuous fire at two shots every other round.


This gun belonged to the famed Alchemist and Highwayman Algeron Plunkette. He was seen as a romantic folk hero, often giving generously to the poor, until he was caught and hanged.

Dragon Pistol of Algreron Plunkette

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