Fist of Urgathoa

weapon (melee)

Minor Artifact Heavy Mace.

This adamantine mace is cast to look like a skeletal arm with an oversize fist. Anything killed by the fist rises as a zombie ten rounds after being killed. The zombies follow the bearer of the fist around attacking anything living in his line of sight. Anything killed by zombies created by the fist rises as zombies themselves in ten turns.

The bearer of the fist has no control over undead created by it. If the bearer of the fist is ever disarmed or looses the fist; all undead currently following him attack him. If the wielder of the fist is killed, by someone or by his own hoard, the zombies animated by the fist become free willed.


Urgathoa the god of Undeath, gifted the mace to one of her champions during the shining crusade.

Fist of Urgathoa

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