Links of the Silver Wings

Mithril Chain Shirt +2, glamored


Upon reaching the upper echelons of the organization, members of the Sign of the Silver Wings are awarded with the Links of the Silver Wings. This +2 Glamored Mithril Chain shirt is light enough for all members to wear, and even is built to accommodate the angelic wings some members possess. Each suit is bonded to the recipient and ceases to function when worn by another.

The Links has the ability to change form to appear as a normal set of clothing and is often kept in this form to hide the armor’s protective abilities. The original set of armor has been passed down from leader to leader for many generations and numerous copies have been created to help those working to do good in the world.

Only members in good standing within the Wings are awarded the Links and missing, non-functional suits of the armor are tracked down and retrieved.

It is said that those of the highest faith are blessed with suits that gain protective powers as the member completes tasks in the name of the Wings, but those cases are extremely rare and the suit always reverts to its base nature when worn by another.


Links of the Silver Wings

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