Mantle of Shyka

Mantle of an Ancient Fey God


This hip length satin purple jacket has a leopard skin lapel and cuffs. Whomever wears the mantle assumes the TITLE and ROLE of Shyka of the Fey.

Shyka is one of the ELDEST, and a minor power in his own right. The role has been held by many over the aeons.

His domains are Destruction, Madness and Magic. His areas of concern are reincarnation, time and entropy.

His favored weapon is the light mace.

Powerful beings and deities will view the wearer of the Mantle of Shyka as the living manifestation of Shyka. They will treat him appropriately – he was not well liked. Shyka currently has no worshipers. He is capable of granting spells within his domain, if someone were to become his cleric.

Once the Mantle is put on, it can never be removed. Only in death can the mantle be stripped.

The following powers are always in effect:
+4 to any TWO ability scores.
+2 to the remaining ability scores.
Damage Resistance 5/law
Magic Resistance: 20
Immortality: the wearer does not age and is immune to aging effects.
Immunity to disease.
Chaotic Aura – see below.

Unlimited uses a a move action:
Arcane Sight
Mage Armor
Any Cantrip/Orison
Alter Self
Mage Hand
Touch of Idiocy
Mass Anthropomorphic Animal

Once per day as a standard action:
Black Tentacles
Dispel Magic
Excruciating Deformation
Chaos Hammer
Greater Invisibility
Major Image

Once Per month as a standard action:
Summon Monster IX
Plane Shift
Mage’s Disjunction

Chaotic Aura

The longer Shyka remains in the area, the more chaotic it becomes. During the first day of exposure the effects are mild. Thinking beings will be distracted by random thoughts an find it difficult to concentrate. Unattended objects will move from place to place when no one is looking, change color. The second day of exposure the effect increases. People find it difficult to speak in their native tongue often slipping into obscure languages or nonsense words. Objects can become animate, or change into other objects entirely , Animals might gain in intelligence and begin to desire the trappings of human lives. A ham sandwich a character is eating might squeal in pain the entire time it is being consumed. On the third day thinking beings risk permanent madness. The laws of physics become soft. Gravity doesn’t always work. Fires might freeze things nearby. Turtles might decide to become lawyers. All currency might become macaroni based. Trees and plants might attack en mass to avenge the slaughter of their brethren.

The size of the area effected is anything Shyka can see or hear currently. Shyka can set the effect to any level at the whim of a game of chance. It doesn’t matter what kind. A card draw, a coin toss or a roll of the die would do.


Mantle of Shyka

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