Mask of Migawii

The Mask of Migawii allows the user to assume the guise of others


Calistria is a goddess of many faces and guises, including lust and revenge. She is held in especially high regard by elves, who often identify her moods and attitude with that of their people. A fondness of wasps has earned this vengeful deity the title the Savored Sting; such creatures live on after harming their enemies, a trait to be emulated should one seek to inflict pain on another.

Calistria is not only vengeful, but vindictive when she has been wronged by another; she will take her time returning such disfavor, maneuvering in order to attain the best position from which to savor her retribution. Her trysts are well documented and often near legendary, though conflicting sources result in difficulty should one attempt to discern those tales based in truth from those that are nothing more than fantasy.

It is one such event in Calistria’s past that spawned the creation of a magic item; an item that befits her personality and desire for vengeance. Ages ago, a powerful tribe of Elves known as the Seekers worshipped Calistria above all others. She spread her blessings lovingly upon this tribe and kept them from harm. It didn’t take long, though, for the elders to forget the boons she gave and soon took Calistria for granted, worshipping other, lesser deities equally. Calistria became enraged at their petulance and patiently waited for her time to reassert her dominance.

Arranged marriages were common among the elven tribes, and it was one of these marriages that piqued Calistria’s interest. The chief of the tribe had 3 sons. His eldest was a great warrior, the middle was an artisan and the youngest was but a child. The eldest son was to marry the daughter of a rival tribe in the hopes of creating peace and trade between the groups. Unbeknownst to the chief, his middle son was in love with the betrothed woman. He challenged his brother for the maiden’s hand. The battle was short and the middle son was chased from the village in humiliation.

The middle son stumbled to the ground, exhausted and injured. As light faded from his eyes, he felt the sting of an insect on his back, then another and another. The pain was unbearable but soon he found himself unable to move. As he lay there, a beautiful vision floated above him. She dropped a mask onto the ground next to him and disappeared.

The middle son picked up the mask, as he held it he saw his beloved’s face appear on the outside. When he donned his new treasure, he saw his body change too.

With devious plan in mind, he snuck back into the village, under the guise of his beloved. He snuck into his eldest brother’s tent. Greeted kindly, he entered and killed his brother, dragging the body off in the middle of the night. He didn’t notice the figure hiding nearby.

The middle child returned from his dastardly deed, but this time in the guise of his eldest. Ready to marry his beloved, he triumphantly marched back into the village. To his dismay, he encountered a horrific sight. His beloved was tied to a stump – beheaded.

The tribe stood in shock as he walked back into the village. His youngest brother ran forward…”But I saw her kill you, she dragged you away to the swamp and threw you in…I saw it”. It was then that the power of the mask faded. The middle child stood silent, having murdered his brother and accidentally framed his beloved. The mask slipped from his hand and fell to the ground. No one dared to touch it. The Elders understood their mistake and punishment by Calistria. They placed the mask carefully upon her altar and tore down the rest. From that day forward, the mask was a reminder of their duty to Calistria and their failure in her eyes.

The mask stayed, untouched, at the temple until the invasion of the Chellish. It was at that time that Captain Prospero Olivetti brought the mask back to Westcrown as the spoils of colonialism during the Everwar. Prospero never knew the capabilities of this relic, but his wife Lady Fulvia did.

The mask was in the hands of the cult of Gyronna when Aether discovered it. She knew this was an item too potent for childish nobles to be playing with. She took the mask and soon uncovered its powers. She didn’t know the origin of the mask but has been putting its deceptive powers to use. She knows not of Calistria’s influence on this item.


Mask of Migawii

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