Nienor - Sword of the Red King


Minor Artifact Bastard Sword


Fury Born

Nienor draws power from the anger and frustration the wielder feels when battling foes that refuse to die. Each time the wielder fails to damages an opponent with the weapon, its enhancement bonus increases by +1 when making attacks against that opponent (to a maximum total enhancement bonus of +5). This enhancement bonus goes away if the opponent dies, the wielder uses the weapon to attack a different creature, or 1 hour passes.

Thou Shall Not Rise Again

When Nienor kills; the soul of the victim is pulled from the body and into the blade. Anyone killed by Nienor must make a DC 30 will save or have their soul drawn in to feed the hunger of the blade. Outsiders and undead can be effected by this ability.

If the Wielder of Nienor dies using the sword in battle; the sword will take his soul as well. The only way to regain any soul consumed by Nienor is a wish.

Undead Bane

Against undead, Nienor’s enhancement bonus is +2 better than its current bonus. It also deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against them. In addition The weapon’s critical threat range is doubled against undead.

Let Them Come

Nienor attracks undead. Any undead within five hundred yards of the sword will seek out and attempt to kill the wielder.


Nienor (Nigh’-en-nor) means sorrowful anger in elvish.

It was forged during the Shining Crusade, the war to destroy the Whispering Tyrant.

Nienor - Sword of the Red King

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