Orcish Steamfitters Goggles

Goggles of Blindsight


Working in the mines and boiler rooms of the Orcish armies is hard work. It is even more difficult when you can’t see. Aggravated and fed up with being forced to work under such conditions, a wily and conniving Orc named Gorsh commissioned/extorted a local wizard to create a set of protective goggles that would allow him to work in the pitch black of the mines and heavy steam of the warships and boilers.

When complete, the wizard wisely sent the goggles off and went into hiding for fear for his life. It was a good choice since Gorsh planned on killing the wizard anyway. The goggles worked perfectly and since that day, never left Gorsh’s head…until it was blown off by Ijen’s rifle.


Orcish Steamfitters Goggles

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