Ring of Equilibrium

A ring of Reincarnation...with a twist


This wooden ring is carefully carved from the core of an oak tree, decorated with delicate runes and sanded and finished to be perfectly round, smooth and symmetrical. It sizes itself appropriately.

The ring has no special power on the living, but when it’s wearer dies or it is placed on a dead creature the Ring deems worthy, the corpse and equipment of the creature remain where they are but the ring vanishes entirely. Within 24 hours a tree grows in the closest safe location.

The next day the tree splits down the middle where the subject has been resurrected whole and uninjured, with the ring still adorning the creature.

The rebirth comes at a price. The wearer receives certain knowledge that somewhere in the world, another being has been resurrected along with her – an individual of opposite alignment, who is every bit as wreched as the wearer is good or vice versa.

The opposite is approximately the same level/power as the wearer. The wearer has no other knowledge other than the existence of this opposite. The opposite usually forms far from the original wearer and is free to pursue any crime or misdeed it wants.

If the wearer dies again, but the opposite does not, ANOTHER opposite is formed when the wearer come back. This cycle continues indefinitely until the ring moves on or is discarded.


Ring of Equilibrium

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