Sword of Laeoden Prime

An elegant rapier with a basket hilt chased in mithral and silver.

+4 rapier

Int: 14 Ego:20
Alignment: CN


The longer the wielder of a stalking weapon studies a target, the more effective her strike. As a standard action, a character wielding a stalking weapon can command it to study a creature within 60 feet. The wielder must have line of effect and line of sight to that target. When the wielder attacks the studied creature, on a successful hit the stalking weapon deals +1d6 points of bonus damage per consecutive round spent studying a target, up to a number of bonus dice equal to the stalking weapon’s enhancement bonus. This bonus damage is precision damage and only applies to the first successful hit against that creature.
If the wielder attacks a creature other than the studied creature, commands the weapon to study a different creature, or ends her turn more than 60 feet from the studied creature, the weapon loses all bonus damage dice against the previously studied creature.


This special ability gives the wielder a +4 enhancement bonus on initiative checks, provided the weapon is drawn and in hand when the Initiative check is made. It provides a +2 bonus on disarm checks and feint checks, a +2 bonus to CMD to resist disarm attempts, and a +2 to the DC to perform a feint against the wielder.

Dual location

This special ability allows the wielder to command the sword of Laeoden to create an illusionary double of himself in a position flanking an enemy he is in close combat with. The sword controls the illusion and will react appropriately to combat. The illusion is semi substantial and functions identically to the shadow conjuration spell. The sword’s caster level for this purpose is 14th. If the target of the effect fails its will save then the wielder of the sword is capable of flanking an enemy with the illusion.

In addition, as a move action, the wielder of the sword may swap places with the illusion through teleportation. An attack made in the same round as a swap is always a surprise attack. Even if the target of the attack previously made its save against the shadow conjuration.

Creatures that are under the effects of a true seeing spell or are immune to illusions are not fooled by this ability. Any effect the prevents teleportation also effects the teleport ability of the sword.


This sword was a gift to Laoden from his mother upon his twentieth birthday.

Sword of Laeoden Prime

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