The Ender of Last Things

The Ender of Last things is the weapon of the proto god Sougard. It is a dull grey long sword with a plain hilt wrapped in brown leather.

weapon (melee)

Int: 14
Ego: 40

The ender of Last things is a +4 dull gray long sword.

Bane To All

The Ender of Last Things is dedicated to the destruction of all thinking beings. It deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against all foes with an intelligence ability score.


An axiomatic weapon is infused with lawful power. It makes the weapon law-aligned and thus bypasses the corresponding damage reduction. It deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against chaotic creatures. It bestows one permanent negative level on any chaotic creature attempting to wield it. The negative level remains as long as the weapon is in hand and disappears when the weapon is no longer wielded. This negative level cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while the weapon is wielded.

Silent World

The Ender of Last Things can project a zone of silence in a radius equal to it’s wielder’s level in miles. The effect is the same as the spell of the same name, and can be dispelled only by dispell magic cast using the still and silent metamagic feats.

Weapon of Sougard

Sougard is linked to the Ender of Last things. It is an extension of his will. He knows where the sword is and can track it across the planes of existence. If the sword is concealed by scrying Sougard can attempt to dispel the concealment through the blade using his level as the caster level.

Any chaotic being that picks up the Ender of Last Things takes 5d6 points of damage with no save allowed.


It is the Weapon of the proto-god Sougard. He attempted to escape the House of Renunciation during the Time of Torn Skeins. He seeks to silence the world so he can here the voice of creation that must exist behind all the clamor and noise created by living things. Only then can the world be rebuilt as the ordered Nirvana it was meant to be.

The Ender of Last Things

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