Tongue of Hugh the Liar


This silver tongue appears unremarkable until placed in the mouth of someone who has there’s cut out. It then attaches in place of the lost appendage and functions as an exact replacement. In addition it provides a number of advantages.

Silvered Tongue

The bearer of the Tongue of Hugh the Liar gains a +4 bonus to any skill involving bluff, and diplomacy.

Frog Tongued

The tongue can acts as a prehensile limb capable of stretching three feet. It can be used to manipulate items under five ponds and is nearly as agile as a hand. The tongue has an effective strength of half the users. Its slender diameter and agility make it exceptionally adapt at picking pockets. When used in this fashion it provides a +4 bonus to sleight of hand rolls involving picking pockets. The user must be third level to use this ability.

Liquid metal

The tongue is made of an alchemical alloy of silver, mercury, and mithril. As such the user can learn to concentrate to harden portions of the tongue to a steel like consistency. In this fashion it can be used as a exotic melee weapon doing 1d2 points of damage. It can also be used to open locks by flowing into the key hole and hardening into the key shape. It provides a +6 to any lock picking roles, when used in this fashion. The user must be fifth level to use this ability.


Hugh the Liar was a famous rake who had his tongue cut out by a jealous husband. Such was his skill at persuasion that even with out his tongue he convinced a mage to craft him a new one.

Tongue of Hugh the Liar

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