Automaton, Wizard


This four inch high cut tin novelty toy has depicts a wizard in purple robes and pointed hat holding a wand. It has a large winding key in it’s back.

When wound up and set on the ground the wizard will roll forward waving its wand and bobbing it’s head for a distance of five feet. Then the toy projects a lightning bolt directly in front of it, that does 5d6 points of damage. The target of the lightning bolt can make a DC15 reflex save for half damage.

The wizard can be wound once a day, if wound more then once the wizard explodes in a 10d6 ball of lightning immediately.

The wizard only rolls well across flat terrain. If used on any other terrain type there is a 75% chance that he will end up turning as he moves and ends up pointing in the wrong direction. Use the splash weapon scatter diagram to determine the direction he ends up pointing before he shoots.


Automaton, Wizard

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