The Castle at the Edge of the World

Back Story

The campaign begins in the small town of Piren’s Bluff. It lies on the eastern border of Chelliax in the Aspodell mountains. Ostensibly it is the fiefdom of the Red King, who protects the Aspodell pass from his Citadel. Yet none living in Piren’s bluff can remember ever seeing the Red King, or anyone from the Citadel.

Every year at harvest the people of Piren’s Bluff send two wagons full of tribute to the castle, and the castle leaves them alone. Occasionally a group of soldiers goes to the castle, stays for a day then leaves, but these events may be years apart.

Life in the town is governed by the quiet rhythms of agriculture. For as long as anyone can remember the people have grown their figs, made their wine, and raised their goats in peace.

Three weeks ago a child disappeared from the village. At first they thought it was the act of a lone wolf, or a mountain lion. Such things were not unheard of. Guards were set and mothers kept their children close to their skirts. Again, two days later, a child went missing. They doubled the guard and whipped a man who had gotten drunk and fallen asleep on duty.

Two more days passed. A second child was heard screaming by his parents and a guard patrol. The boy was drug screaming through his bedroom window by a great winged beast. The guards attacked, but their blades shattered like glass when they struck the beast. The beast brushed them aside and carried the boy away. His mother had to listen to him scream for her as it flew away.

The pattern has repeated itself every second night. The beast comes and steals a child. Nothing has worked to stop it. Neither Nets, Fire, spears or snares stopped the beast. Not even hiding the children seemed to help; as the beast had an uncanny sense for finding them. It always comes. It always takes a child. The town’s warriors it disdaines, leaving them with little more then bruises.

The day the eighth child went missing, the mayor of the village gathered his courage and went to the castle for help. None answered his call, and the draw bride was not lowered. He went back to the town and met with the respected men of the village. They decided to send someone to Brastlewark for help.


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