City of Kho

The city of Kho, ancient and powerful, exudes warped magic. Time and space seem to ebb and flow randomly. The party has to force itself toward their goal. The city fights them the entire way.

Roni, once again, finds a corpse of himself, crushed under a block of stone, still clutching a wayfinder compass. It pointed off in a new direction. The party decides to continue on toward the next piece of the stormwalker.

As spheres of annihilation go, we got lucky. The decapitated dwarf – not so much. After Gaius and Aether spend time controlling it and moving it to a safe distance, the dwarf is looted, dragon-creature killed and the PC’s move on.

The beauty of the sirens in the pool was too much for many of the party members. Roni “11 foot pole” once again was tasked of finding out the threat. He was soon naked and taking a suicidal dip with the beauties. Laoedin thoughtfully watched before he too was taken in by their song. A few protection from evils and a fireball and the party decides to quickly leave the area toward the mysterious hammering and building in the distance.

Aether remembers her promise to Gozreh to destroy the Leukodaemons building the evil temple here and the party formulates a plan to kill the demons and rat-worker slaves building the ziggurat. The plan…actually works for more than 3 rounds and the pc’s take out most of the minions before the big bad follower demon of Ghalaunder gates in to fight. Aether and Gaius blast away with spells while the rest of the party pelts it with melee and ranged damage.
With the daemon barely defeated (and only 2 more to go) the pc’s briefly check out the evil temple, decide to hide for a day to rest and take off to fight another day. They’ll return to defeat the remaining daemons and try to consecrate/hallow/forbiddance the temple in the name(s) of Gozreh – and Sarenrae, Desna and Pharasma and whoever else is willing to help out.

City of Kho

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