Defeating Chaos

With Chaos Incarnate unleashed upon the world, the PC’s decide to tempt fate one more time and ask the Harrow deck for answers. The results are not what Aether wants to hear. On the way, the party drops off Thorac to Wish Puppy Island to save the damsels and the rest of the party charges into the maelstrom. En route, they find Darien’s ship besieged by denizens of the sea, mutated by the black chaos from the Herald. Only a few survive including a wizard on her way to Absalom.

The Laeodin flies the ship expertly into the heart of where the tower once stood. Now, the island is made of coral-like abominations with the Herald on top. Aether jumps off the ship with her trusty Imentesh in tow. She tricks Imentesh into restraining the Herald and encloses them both (along with LAW) into Abadar’s First BOX. The storm subsides and the PC’s go back to promoting normalcy in the region.

After transporting food and goods to the devastated towns and cities along the Inner Sea, the PC’s wish their loved ones goodbye once again and head out to find the next part of the Stormwalker.

After a few days they arrive in Thuvia, but are chased off by a mated pair of blue dragons. The PC’s decide to find another way to their destination.

Defeating Chaos

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