Journey to Kho

The party continues toward the magic-warped city of Kho. The players do their best to stay on the path and are soon rejoined by Aether. Attacks from warped phase spiders do not deter the group as they trudge onward toward their goal.

They pass through another octagonal portal and find themselves in the Abyss. This plane is chest deep in freezing water with a thin layer of ice on top. The path is almost impossible to see. The PC’s forge forward but soon dozens of undead bodies float toward the group from under the ice. Gaius and Aether take to the air as Roni and Thorac bust zombie heads.
With the end gate in sight, Gaius channels positive energy (in the Abyss, I know right?) and clears a path – only to attract the attention of a powerful undead snake demon. Luckily the party chose to flee instead of fight. With the portal exit in sight, they made a break for it.
Dumping out the far side of the portal, they find themselves in the middle of a gunfight between opposing Laeodins. Half a dozen lie dead while our Laeodin Prime and Ijen hold the others off.

With the entire party back together, they fall into old routines. Roni and Laeodin start to loot the dead Laeodin’s and leave the fighting to Thorac. Laeodin Prime continues to go on and off the path – causing more ruptures in space/time and thus creating more Laeodin copies to fight. The alchemist, anti-paladin, archer, gunners, the father – all get cut down by Ijen and the rest of the (actually helping) party.

With the alternative Laeodins dead. A booming, scraping noise draws the PC’s attention. A giant corpse-eater is scuttling its way toward the group. The PC’s again decide to flee.
They mount a small hill and see 2 groups of Leaodins fighting over the last portal. The PC’s make a break for it, fireballs flying, and break through first.

Journey to Kho

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