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The Year is 4605 and Cheliax prepares for the much prophesised appearance of Aroden. This will herald the start of a new Age, confidently predicted to be the Age of Glory for all Mankind. Humanity will finally take its place as the masters of Galorian.

Yet in a years time Aroden will be dead and Cheliax in turmoil. In less then forty years the once shining empire of Cheliax will be ruled by Infernal Law. The history during this time is murky at best. Come and bear witness to the death of an empire and the death of a god.

Pre-Campaign Timeline of the Inner Sea region

Aether – Pre-adventure Journal of Aether
Aether – Voices
Aether – Airships
Aether – Evil John Tesh
Aether – A safe place
Aether – Father
Aether – Last Confessions

Compiled Adventure Summaries – Latest Adventures are at the top.
City of Kho
Journey to Kho
Derhii Resolution
The Next Piece – Chaos II
Defeating Chaos
Gaius and Gaes
Defeating Keng the Mad
Kraken Down on Evil
LAW and Pirate Problems

Treasure Hordes
Treasure of the Green Dragon
Horde of the Skeletal Red
Eradne’s Treasure

Main Page

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