Pre-Campaign Timeline of the Inner Sea region

Pre-Campaign Timeline of the Inner Sea region

1 AR Aroden raises the starstone from the inner sea and founds the city of Absalom.

896 AR Aroden mortally wounds the wizard king Tar-Baphon on the Isle of Terror.

1400 AR Taldor’s Third Army of Exploration leaves Oppara and heads west along the southern coast of Avistan. The Third Army will be incredibly successful in bringing the region within Taldor’s sphere of influence.

1520 AR Taldor’s Third Army of Exploration completes its conquest of the southern coast of Avistan. The city of Corentyn is founded, and named after the Third Army’s leader, General Coren.

1707 AR Androan founded as province of Taldor.

1975 AR Ulfen longships raid the region that will later be known as Cheliax.

2021 The Order of the Manticore is founded.

2089 AR Taldor’s sixth army of exploration invades the Mawangii expanse
and penetrate all the way to Garund’s western coast. This would have allowed Taldor to control all of the lands surrounding the inner sea. The gorilla king defeats the army. Taldor never recovers.

2332 The Dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains sign the Kerse Accord brining peace to the region.

2497 The Orcs invade the Five kings mountains from the Darklands.

2526 The last of the Dwarven Kingdoms – Taggoret fals to the orcs.

2555 AR All clerics are expelled from Rahadoum. Many of them seek refuge in Corentyn. The resulting upswing in religious feeling, in the city, leads to work starting on the Arch of Aroden.

2606 AR The Arch of Aroden is completed.

2632 AR The Elves Return to Galorian.

3007 AR Taldor’s western frontier region starts being referred to as Cheliax.

3203 AR Tar-baphon returns from the dead as a Lich King known as the Whispering Tyrant.

3754 AR Talador begins the Shining Crusade to end the Reign of the Whispering Tyrant

3828 AR The forces of Talador manage to imprison Tar-baphon the Whispering Tyrant. The Kingdom of Last Wall is established to be a warden to his grave.

4079 AR Quadira invades Taldor.

4081 AR Capitalizing on the turmoil of the Quadira invasion The Chelish king, Aspex the Even-Tongued, successfully engineers the independence of Cheliax from Taldor.

4082 AR Aspex the Even-Tongued persuades Taldor’s province of Andoran to cede from Taldor and join Cheliax.

4091 AR What is later known as the Even Tongued Conquest comes to an end. Under the brilliant leadership of Aspex the Even-Tongued, Cheliax has gained even more territory in The Devil’s Perch Mountan’s, Rahadoum, Nirmathas, Galt, and Isger

4137 AR Cheliax attacks Absalom, but the siege is unsuccessful.

4138 AR Cheliax establishes a colony in western Garund.

4142 AR The new colony in Garund is named Sargava by Prince Halid I.

4305 AR Cheliax begins a period of aggressive expansion, which comes to be known as the Everwar. The Everwar begins with an invasion of Nidal.

4338 AR Cheliax completes the conquest of Nidal.

4350 AR During the course of the Everwar, Cheliax gains control of Molthune.

4404 AR Field Marshall Jakthion Korvosa receives a charter to found a city in Varisia.

4407 AR Field Marshall Korvosa establishes Fort Korvosa in southern Varisia.

4410 AR Cheliax officially abandons its efforts to expand into Belkzen and Varisia, thus ending the Everwar. However, Cheliax retains control of Fort Korvosa, which begins to thrive and circa 4503 AR becomes known simply as Korvosa.

4507 AR Chelish forces stationed at Korvosa drive the Shoanti barbarians back into the Storval Plateau.

4576 AR The Order of the Rack is founded at Westcrown.

4605 AR Cheliax prepares for the much prophesied appearance of Aroden. This will herald the start of a New Age, confidently predicted to be the Age of Glory.

Pre-Campaign Timeline of the Inner Sea region

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