The Next Piece - Chaos II

The party had thought that the “chaos” chapter was over when they trapped Imentesh and the Herald in BOX. But by desecrating Abadar’s original BOX they sent out shock waves around the world. Now every box on the planet possibly stored bits of pure chaos. Some items were beneficial like purple hippos showering silver coins. Other events, like an acid maple syrup spewing turtle, were not as appreciated by the populace.

The PC’s sought solace and understanding from Sarenrae and even Abadar himself, but no intervention was coming. So…they up and left the world to its fate.

Following the pull toward the next piece of the Stormwalker, the party ends up near the jungles of Mwangi. There, they are attacked by huge flying gorillas. The battle was fierce,but the party prevailed…and even took a prisoner. After questioning, the party was led into a trap (test?) that they barely survived on the way to meet the gorilla-king.

The party volunteered Thorac to battle the king in 1 on 1 combat. Now…if we only knew what box Thorac was in?

The Next Piece - Chaos II

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