Horde of the Skeletal Red

Scroll 1: Keen edge, Magic Circle Against Chaos x2 – Aether/Kxylino
Scroll 2: Protection from Energy, Greater Magic Weapon, Locate Creature – Aether

Small Bronze Full Plate +2

Potion of Haste – Hue
Potion of Invisibility – Hue
Potion of Delay Poison – Rathien

CURSED Ring of Animal Friendship – Rathien

Ioun Stone – Absorb 8th or less, 30 levels left – Kxylino

Rod of Wonder – Aether
Rod of the Viper – Hue
Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection – Aether
Rod of Extended Metamagic, Lesser – Aether

Staff of Passage – Aether
Staff of Transmutation – Kxylino

Wand of CCW 48 charges- Aether
Wand of Silence 4 charges – Aether

Heavy Steel Shield +4 – Gaius

Assassin’s Dagger – Kxylino
Dagger +4 – Aether

+5 Adamantine Mace of Thundering – Hue

Appx: 100,000 pp (Eric will determine)

Gems and Jewelry items and misc. loot

Horde of the Skeletal Red

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